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Landscape and Wildlife

Whale Watching Albany

Seeing a whale up close is an experience many say they will never forget. The Southern Right and Humpback Whales are most prevalent in Australia's South West and migrate in large numbers. Humpback sightings start in the region from June and the best time to see them around Albany is from June to August, The Southern Right Whales are most commonly sighted in Albany later in the season from August to October. Blue Whales are occasionally sighted in the Albany area from May to June. There is the opportunity to get up close and personal to these gigantic mammals on a whale watching tour; these tours operate from June to October.

Torndirrup National Park

Home to the "Gap" and "Natural bridge" Torndirrup National Park is located on the torndirrup peninsula and features beautiful rugged natural coastline and steep cliffs plunging down into the great southern ocean.

Mount Melville Lookout

The lookout at Mt Melville is the place to start your tours of Albany 360 Degree views from one of the tallest mountains in town. The lookout is 23m high with 3 levels purely for observation.

Mt Clarence

A steep winding road reaches almost to the top of Mt Clarence, from which the views are breathtaking. It is an appropriate place for the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial, a recast of the original statue erected at Suez in 1932.


Middleton Beach

Middleton Beach is the main swimming beach for Albany in the cove of King George Sound usually quite protected waters with a jetty and pontoon in the summer months. The beach hosts a brand new restaurant, bar and café, serving local fish and chips. In close vicinity are caravan parks and other accommodation. The Middleton Beach board walk is also a real treasure taking you all the way around the coast line to the port in Princess Royal Harbour.

The whale watching season begins in May and finishes in December, watching the whales as they swim along the continental shelf, hugging the coastline. In some areas, the playful giants come so close to shore. They migrate from the cool food rich southern ocean up to the warm tropics for breeding.

Emu Point

Emu Point is the perfect beach for families with lovely grassed areas shaded by peppermint trees, an extensive playground, perfect flat calm waters and a 'u' shaped jetty with lap lanes in-between. Nice shallow flat waters for a good 50m out. Emu point also has a restaurant, shop, caravan park and accommodation close by.

Boiler Bay

Boiler Bay is only 25k east of Albany in the Gull Rock National Park. It gives unprecedented views across the King George Sound. There are 2 ends to the bay with ledge beach at one end and Gull rock or Boiler beach at the other. Gull rock beach is very stunning and has clear aqua waters and an old boiler from the ship wreck Awhina. Its easily swam out to and you can climb up and jump off it.

Frenchman's Bay

Frenchman Bay has a beautiful picnic area with barbecues as well as a boat launch - ideal for a relaxing, eating, and having quiet day out. This beach is located on the south side of Princess Royal Harbour. Down the beach a little way run fresh water springs from the hill down to the ocean which you can drink from.

Goode Beach

When in Albany, make sure you visit the lovely Goode Beach. Nestled in the King George Sound it is surrounded by numerous islands and enjoys views out to Mount Manypeaks.

Mutton Bird Beach

Mutton Bird Beach is located approximately 17km west of the Albany suburb of Little Grove on the lower Denmark Road and is popular for fishing with 4WD access.  Good open water dive spot and surfing location.

Little beach and waterfall beach

You can find Little Beach and Waterfall Beach beneath Mount Gardner on Two People's Bay Northern Headland. Little Beach Albany has been voted number 5 in Australia's top secret spots.

Misery beach

Misery Beach has beautiful views of King George Sound with its rugged coast and islands. It is only about 200 metres long with pristine squeaky white sand.  On a clear day you can see the tops of the Stirling Range. It is uncertain where the name comes from but as the whaling station is just a few hundred metres away, maybe it was named back in the time it was still operating, when the whale blood would wash ashore here. Today it is a beach to enjoy and contemplate life as you listen to the soothing sounds of the waves.

Jimmy Newells harbour

Jimmy Newells Harbour is a beautiful natural harbour close to Torndirrup National Park. This small inlet provides a protected calm body of water which is ideal for swimming and paddling, as its namesake discovered when caught in a storm. It is also a wonderful spot to try out beach fishing.

Shelley Beach

Shelley Beach in West Cape Howe is a beautiful and powerful beach along the waters of Torbay. The turquoise waters, verdant surrounds and ocean breeze make this beach a popular yet remote destination.

Cosy Corner

Cosy Corner is north of the West Cape Howe National Park and boasts a beautiful white sand beach and excellent camping and picnic facilities. It boasts around 10 camping sites scattered among the trees in a coastal scrub environment, making it perfect for self-sufficient campers who enjoy fishing or swimming in a beautiful beach setting.

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